Plantation Masterclass UK

Going through the Facebook posts on a Friday, I came across a post about available seats for a Masterclass with Alexandre Gabriel, the person behind the Plantation Rum's. Already scheduled to take place in London the following Monday. There is also an option to take part in the Cognac Ferrand cocktail book release party at Trailer Happiness later the same evening. Fast forward to Monday morning, I'm heading to the airport for my flight to London. A Masterclass with Alexandre Gabriel about the Plantation Rum's has been on my wish list for a while. So heading out of -5 degree, snowstorm covered Copenhagen airport, was definitely a good way to start the week.

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No additives

Every once in a while, five of us get together and do some blind tasting of rum. As part of this tasting, we try to evaluate the rum and place it into the category of sweet/dry and simple/complex. Describing how sweet a rum is compared to other rums can be quite tricky, so we talked about using a more scientific approach and measuring the amount of sugar in the rum. This would make it easier to classify where the rum fit into the overall picture.

Not so long after this discussion, Richard Seale from Foursquare distillery on Barbados, wrote some posts on Facebook about rum producers adding sugar to rum and not admitting to it. As part of the discussions that followed, a simple way of measuring the sugar content was described.

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21-23 February, Rum Bahamas, Bahamas - Nassau

29th March, Whiskymessen, Denmark - Fredericia

6-7 April, Rhum Fair Paris, France - Paris

25-27 April, Miami Rum Festival, USA - Miami

2-6 June, III International Rum Conference, Spain - Madrid

7-11 September, Rum Experience University, Spain - Salobreña

12-13 September, Whisky & Rom Festival, Denmark - Copenhagen

4-5 October, German Rum Festival, Germany - Berlin

11-12 October, RumFest UK, UK - London

1st November, Mac Y Rom- og Whiskyfestival,  Denmark - Fredriks



28th March, Whiskymessen, Denmark - Fredericia

RumFest UK 2013

When planning a visit to RumFest UK for the first time, you wonder if you shuold just go for a single day, the weekend (RumFest UK takes part over two days) or if there are other Rum related events taking place before/after RumFest, that you just cant live without attending. We decided to fly in Thursday at noon so we had the most of Thursday and the whole Friday to check out London and the rum related bars/restaurants. This turned out to be a very good decision for us. Just before going, my friend and travel companion had the bad luck of getting a serious infection in the foot/leg but after being on strong antibiotics for a week, the infection was according to him under control, and he decided to go (I'm sure he would'nt miss it for the world).

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